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Headstart Technology Limited is an educational solutions provider. Created by a group of parents from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, our belief is that education should prepare children for the future - a future that is more and more dominated by technology. Yet schools and classrooms today still lag behind when it comes to integrating technology in really meaningful ways. Technology too often is still just a convenience factor and not a transformative tool. At Headstart we believe that the root cause of this is a disconnect between the technical skills in the classroom and the resources and support that teachers have available.

Our mission is to bridge these gaps, and create materials and programs that allow teachers to integrate ever more innovative technology into their lessons. We also work directly with children, focusing primarily on the early childhood ages, where we see the greatest need and opportunity for a fundamental change in the way that technology promotes and supports learning. 

Our aim is to make technology a transformative tool that fundamentally changes the way we learn - and through this empower children to be prepared for the future in the best way possible. 

Transformative Technology - Innovative Education

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