EasyPeasy Coding was designed from the ground up as a dedicated program for children aged 5 – 10. We help children develop critical skills all the way from pre-reader to pre-secondary level: from thinking skills and programming skills to problem solving and organizational skills.

As we introduce children to electronics, robotics and all manner of fun projects they can build and make, we help them develop fine motor skills, focus their little minds on attention to detail and help them gain a good understanding of how things really work. But most importantly we want our students to have fun, and to feel empowered to unleash their own creativity and imagination to create new things through technology.

EasyPeasy Coding courses are available throughout the year in a number of locations and schools. Our courses integrate pedagogies and resources from world-class partners, including Ozobot, Microsoft and Microbit to name just a few.

Please check out our dedicated website at http://www.easypeasycoding.com for further information.