The best way to start a lesson is when a student asks: ‘WOW – why did that happen?’ We understand that students learn best when they are engaged and excited. Learning happens when students can connect different concepts, think about real life problems and search for authentic solutions: when different streams of information merge together and everything clicks – EUREKA! 

21st Century Learning is Transdisciplinary: instead of approaching STEAM areas as separate subject, we believe it is important for students to discover how different disciplines interweave in the real world. For example to explore the science of weather, we want students to learn how data is collected, practice interpreting the data and discover how to make weather predictions based on actual data. We study how sensors work and build our own from scratch, understanding the essential WHY something happens, and not just the HOW. And by bringing all these things together, we establish clear links between scientific theory and methodology and 21st century skills such as data science, analytics and coding.