Each of our non-formal after school activity programs has a unique focus and pedagogy, designed with the most innovative products and methodologies available.

Based on continuous feedback from hundreds of students since inception, we continue to adapt and improve each of our programs to ensure deep engagement with our students, and high quality of delivery and content.

Above all though we want to always make sure that each and every of our non-formal programs remains true to our guiding philosophy: that a fun lesson, delivered in a great way, is the best way to ensure student engagement, and through that deep and meaningful learning.

In 2020 we will be offering teachers around the world the opportunity to join our family of educators to bring transformative education practices to your students. We will be offering a blend of online teacher training and resources, as well as physical resources from our partner network to get you up and running in the best way possible. Create your own after-school club or transform your classroom teaching – we will help you become an edtech champion.

If you are a teacher interested in learning more about how you can bring our programs to your local school or community, please contact us here .