We are proud to be a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, empowering teachers and schools to achieve more.  

Professional Development is a core aspect of our activities, as we believe that in-depth and sustained training is key for effective technology adoption. Too often we see schools expend all their efforts on buying ‘stuff’ , but forgetting that training on how to use the new technologies effectively is just as, and often more important than the particular product you are investing in.

From planning a successful digital transformation journey to understanding how Microsoft tools can help teachers in their daily classroom lives, please let us know how we can assist you. We pride ourselves on providing a holistic solution to all your professional development needs.

The core focus areas we can assist with include:

Digital Transformation – Education Transformation Framework

Innovative STEM Education – HackingSTEM

Remote Learning and Teaching – Microsoft Teams and Office365

Effective Classroom Technologies – Office 365

Immersive Education – Minecraft Education Edition

Modern Classroom – 21st Century Learning Design

(more details on these and other areas coming soon)

We have extensive experience on the use of immersive technologies, both in the classroom and at the place of work. Our expertise includes:

RedboxVR systems (Google Expeditions) : flexible and affordable VR and AR systems for the classroom
RedboxVR systems bring together the highest quality components and custom engineered carrying and storage cases to provide schools with the most robust and flexible VR and AR solution in the world. Based on Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions, all kits have complete access to all Google Store Apps, and are supplied with a number of pre-installed apps to get you up and running immediately.

Redbox Kits can be customized with any type of headset, so if you are keen to explore solutions that are not phone based, we can assist you with great solutions form companies such as PICO. Redbox Shooting kits will also make creating custom VR experiences a breeze, by providing you with all the equipment you need to create professional level VR experiences.


VR and AR solutions for education and beyond

We work with some of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to  providing the best VR and AR resources to teachers, students and institutions, including:

Industrial and vocational immersive training solutions

Contact us for more information about industrial and vocational immersive training solutions. We specialize in offering training and resources that are truly in synch with industry needs, and focus on key focus areas such as IOT, AI and industrial automation optimization.



We are very proud of our unique Computational Thinking,  Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship workshops. Essential 21st century thinking skills, Computational and Design thinking workshops focus on unlocking problem solving and inquiry based learning skills – skills that are universally seen as important and desirable, but are often not actively trained. Entrepreneurship training adds that essential authentic learning element that is often lacking in education. By combining all of these disciplines in a single stream, we prepare students for whatever path in life they may choose.

Many people confuse Computational Thinking with coding or programming, and while they are closely related, computational thinking is actually a transversal, interdisciplinary skill that is not relevant to computer science only. In the same vein, Design Thinking is not just for architects or designers – it is an iterative creative problem solving process which can be applied to many areas. We have developed unique ways of training and practicing thinking skills with learners from every age group, and are confident that out approach has a lasting and meaningful impact.

As for Entrepreneurship, we see this as another key skill, even for those who may never have their own business. Being an Entrepreneur is not just about having a business, but mostly about thinking about problems and solutions, services and products. How to communicate ideas, assess feasibility and effectiveness, manage risk and opportunities. All skills that are at the core of any successful career.

Familiarity with computational, design and entrepreneurship thinking skills will allow students to be much better prepared for whatever career they choose in the future: they are key skills we develop and use throughout our life. Schools and educators need to embrace including these as a core part of their teaching and learning methodology.


We love coding, and we love robots, and deeply and passionate believe that the best way to teach coding to students (and teachers) is through physical computing approaches.

When we teach coding, it is not about one particular language or platform – from the very beginning we adopt a deep-learning approach, where we ensure that students are not just executing, but understanding. In other words, they know why and how, not just how, and because of this can apply similar concepts quickly to a wide range of devices or platforms.

We are big proponents of open source technologies, including Microbit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. We also use proprietary platforms such as Ozobot, one of the most innovative  and impactful products in K12 education, so that we can always offer schools the most affordable and effective solutions for their needs.

Contact us for training in these areas:

  • Arduino
  • C programming
  • Microbit
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Python Programming
  • Ozobot
  • Ohbot
  • Marty Robot (Robotical)
  • Fischertechnik
  • Artifical Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Vision processing


Maker skills

The global Maker Movement has transformed how technology is thought about and taught. To become a maker, all you need is enthusiasm, persistence, and courage to try new things. By providing students with the tools and skills to turn their own ideas into tangible products and objects, we allow them to absorb skills and knowledge when they are most relevant, ensuring deep engagement and absorbtion.

We can assist schools and educators wanting to setup their own makerspace, or develop a maker inspired curriculum at their school. All our training is delivered with the educator in mind – the focus is on pedagogy and classroom applicability , and not just the technology.

    • Makerspace setup and management
    • Training on various tools
    • 3D Printing and CAD Design
    • Electronics
    • E-Fashion accessories and projects