Our mission is to empower students, teachers and parents with the best resources and pedagogy for 21st century education.

We see education as the development of responsible, caring and thoughtful individuals, equipped with all the thinking, social, emotional and vocational skills required to succeed in the fast changing world of today and tomorrow.

We believe that technology has the power to fundamentally improve the way education works, but we are also mindful that technology is just a means to an end and not a goal in itself.

We work with partners from around the world delivering best-in-class solutions, always mindful that one size does not fit all.

Headstart Technology was founded to help schools, parents and teachers harness technology to transform education inside and outside of the classroom. Our holistic approach combines curated resources with carefully designed pedagogy to create learning experiences that are fun, authentic and lead to deep learning of critical skills.

We focus on three main areas: professional development for teachers, non-formal education courses for students and distribution and direct sale of educational resources.

Since 2015 we have evolved into a leader in innovative and immersive education in Malta , with a strong network of partners around the world. We want to bring our philosophy and approach to teachers around the world, allowing them to become tech edupreneurs –  teachers who are comfortable with technology and willing to find new ways to implement it to transform education in a meaningful way.

Apart from our professional engagements, the company is heavily involved in the popularization of coding and STEM education. In 2018 we helped organize and sponsor Malta’s first ever RaspberryJam – MaltaPi – an event that is now a regular event on the local tech calendar, and which we continue to support and organize.

EasyPeasy Coding, our flagship after-school program for young children was declared ‘Best Idea from Malta’ and went on to represent Malta as one of the best Ideas from Europe in 2017. The company was also honoured with the ITEK Business award.

The company has been involved in innovative projects and collaborations with a number of schools and authorities in Malta, including the Ministry of Education and the Education+ program of the Education Department. We have built a reputation for quality and professionalism, coupled with a genuine passion for education and a genuine understanding of the needs of teachers and students.

Our latest project was helping create the Gozo Creative Hub in Gharb, a unique new space to empower a new generation of designers, artists and entrepreneurs with a MakerSpace in the heart of Gozo.