S4Y – Detective Lab

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Enter in this secret mission between science and criminology. Set up your own research lab and discover the most mysterious secrets of forensic science. With this detective toy you will be able to investigate evidences to uncover a crime and became a true CSI.

Recommend age: +8 years

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With this children´s detective kit you will be able to reveal and identify fingerprints and footprints, extract and analyse DNA, reveal and identify footprints, understand genetic relationships, send secret messages to others detectives and much more secret experiments.

Kit Contents:
– 36 Page educational book
-Top secret envelope
-Magnifying glass
-“Crime scene” tape
-Detective notebook
-Graphite powder
-Paper filters
-Wooden spatula
-Detective suitcase box
-Pasteur pipete
-Fingerprint flyer
-Card with graphic elements
-Card with graphic elements
-Card with measuring tape and flashlight
-Clue stickers
-Paper fasteners
-Large measuring cup
-Lanyard for detective badge
-Test tube with lid
-Flash with lid
-Zip-lock bag
-Wooden stick
-Petri dish


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