S4Y – Sparkling Slime Kit

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The Science4you Sparkling Slime is a DIY kit for slime-lovers!

Create your very own pink and scented slime with glitter from the 14 experiments that the Science4You Sparkling Slime Set provides! It combines an educational science experiment with fun, making it perfect for children who are fond of DIY activities.

Using Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths or STEM, Science4You helps children learn how to love and know the importance of science in a simple and engaging way by relating it to their interests, letting them follow the procedures and experiment using the materials provided.

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  • Each Science4You Sparkling Slime Set Sparkling Slime Kit includes:
    • 36-paged Educational Book
    • Pink Colouring
    • Glitter
    • Calcium Chloride
    • Sodium Alginate
    • Cornflour
    • Protective Goggles
    • Gloves
    • Pasteur Pipettes
    • Small Measuring Cups
    • Wooden Spatulas
    • Booklet
  • Comes with 14 experiments to try.
  • Make sparkling slime or multicoloured slime worms.
  • Helps children learn science using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) concept.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Make science and experimenting even more fun for your child with the Science4You Sparkling Slime Set.