S4Y – Crystal Factory Glow in the Dark

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Have fun creating a wonderful glow in the dark crystals! With the Crystal Factory – Glow in the dark, the little scientist will be able to create different types of crystals and watch as they grow. The Crystal Factory – Glow in the Dark has 10 super fun experiments and a 36-page educational book. Don’t hesitate anymore, this is the perfect gift for the little ones in the house!


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  • Create stunning crystals that glow in the dark!
  • Learn how to create crystals that are translucent, fluorescent, and bright
  • A complete laboratory that allows you to create lots of glow in the dark crystals
  • 10 experiments to grow crystals in any shape, size, and color
  • Discover the differences between the crystals and accompany their growth
  • Educational book with 36 pages, fully detailed so they can do all the experiments
  • An educational toy that develops imagination and creativity


This kit is an educational science game that will help in the development of boys and girls on various fronts. The crystal sets help the little ones understand the importance of mineralogy and earth science. This educational toy goes beyond and allows children to learn a little more advanced concepts, in a way of contracted and fun. This game was developed by a team of junior scientists and educators. This educational set has all the quality certifications and has been one of the smallest events. The crystal factory helps not only in direct learning as well as helping children improve their levels of concentration, creativity, and racing. Kit includes educational book, gloves, wires, petri plates, spatulas, pasteur pipette, colorings, measuring cups, measuring cup lid, potassium alumbre, and magnesium sulphate.