S4Y – Soap Factory

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The Soap Factory, from Science4you, will allow you to create fantastic scented handmaded soaps and keep your hands sanitized!

Take care of yourself with fantastic home-made soaps!

Recommended age: 8+

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With this Soap Factory for kids you will be able to make your own soaps and learn more about their science!

Find out how to wash your hands properly and have a perfect skin, produce exfolianting soaps, make scented and coloured soaps in the form of fish, seahorse and conch and many more experiments!

Kit Cotents:

36 Page educational book
Pink cosmetic colouring
Tropical perfume base
Heart shaped bottle with spray cap
Decorative stickers
Small measuring cup
Pasteur pipettes
Wooden spatulas
Sea salt
Soap base
Gift bags

Educational book: 36 pages
Activities: 8
Contents: 21
Age: 8+